We’ve launched a new healthcare initiative for our US-based creators

by Turopium

We’re all about finding better ways to care for the people who choose us so that’s why, from April 1 2022, all of our US creators can access healthcare through our latest initiative.

The healthcare initiative will be offered to all current creators based in the US, as well as new creators who sign with us in the future, giving them access to Turopium-sponsored health, dental, vision and life insurance coverage. 

Navigating healthcare challenges

In 2021, the New York Times reported that young TikTok creators were burning out and breaking down over the pressures and challenges of building, managing and monetising followings online. 

This isn’t the first time we have seen problems like this stem from social media however, with creators stepping away from platforms like YouTube and Instagram and citing mental health as the reason. With the increased costs of healthcare in the US, this adds an immense amount of pressure to content creators who are responsible for generating their own income.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber, SDShepard, commented: "Content creators in the USA have always faced an overwhelming burden to their lifestyle and that is the confusing and expensive healthcare marketplace. Some of us are lucky to have family or spouses that can cover us, but those solutions are almost always expensive and unreliable.” 

Supporting our creators

Being a content creator can often feel like there’s no one in your corner, leaving you to navigate a lot of challenges solo, which is why it was so important for us to introduce our healthcare initiative. 

Our senior vice president, Eric Harper, said: “We’re always looking to add more services for our creators that go above and beyond. Not only do we want to elevate their careers, we also want to offer support in other aspects of their lives. 

“Social media usage has been linked to negative mental health outcomes. When you base your entire career across these social platforms, anxiety, depression and a host of other conditions often follow.

“In the US healthcare isn’t readily available for content creators, especially if you are no longer benefiting from family coverage. We wanted to think outside of the box on how we can support our creators should they need to cover medical expenses, as well as being able to access mental health services such as therapy and prescriptions.”

People first

Putting our creators first sounds like it’s just another tagline for our business, but it is centric to everything we do at Turopium. 

That’s a narrative we want to change by being a people first agency, rather than career first. We want to look after more than just the professional success of our talent and to also ensure that they are happy and healthy because after all, behind every creator is a person. Being a content creator doesn’t mean you gain the ability to never fall ill or become immune to negative mental health.

People first, not just career first.

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