First came the Crusader acquisition, then came a whole host of new talent additions.

by Sam Whitehead

We now have a roster of over 40 creators, over 8 different countries, across 3 continents.

We couldn’t wait to shout about them on our socials, but by some miracle, you may have missed them. 

We thought it would be useful to have them all in one place, right?

Say no more.

First up…

We tried to keep signing Colonello a secret, but he uncovered it anyway 🤐 
Welcoming RuneScape's finest investigative journalist 🔍

We're cashin' max cheques today, baby! 💸💸💸 
Welcome to the team Raikesy 🔥

Swedish Soldier by day, RuneScape Legend by night 👀 
Now welcoming Swede Badass 🔥

Now welcoming the Juan man we wanted on the team RiceCup 🔥

Our whole team was after Abyss, but he tanked us 🔥
Rumour has it the signing fee was simply 1 elysian spirit shield 👀 💸

Now welcoming game show hosting, video game playing, sheep loving heartthrob Ron Plays Games 😍 🐑
Welcome to the agency! 🔥

The Nuke might not have been tactical, but signing Gudi definitely was!
Welcome to the agency 🔥

Someone call the doctor, we signed Sick Nerd! 🤧🩺
Welcome to the agency! 🔥

When we found SkillSpecs he was at the duel arena with nothing but a tent whip 😅 🎲🎲
Welcome to the agency 🔥
"Better get ready Worldstar 🔥☠️" - Torvesta (probably)

We didn't just sign him, we yoinked him 👀
Welcoming Behemeth to Turopium 🔥

Could someone please spare this man bond? 🙏
Now welcoming F2P aficionado Verf 🔥

We're SUUUPER SATISFIED to be signing the World's #1 Rune Scimmy PKer Rargh
Turopium is lucky to have you 🍀

Now welcoming Link’sOcarina to our drinking team, uh, I mean, talent agency! 🍻
Thrilled to have you onboard 🔥

This man has a Masters Degree in Physics and all you guys care about is his PvP HCIM 👀
Now welcoming Boy Genius Solo Mission 🎓🤯

The Battle Royale is cool & all... but did you know that this man can eat 6 hot dogs in 5 minutes? 🌭 
Now welcoming the Universal Director of eSports, EVScape 🔥

There’s no doubt this man is hardcore. It took us 11 brand new accounts... I mean contracts to get him signed 👀
Now welcoming Alfie to Turopium 🔥

SelenaGomez will you PLEASE answer this mans DM's 
We got you DitterBitter 😘 Welcome to the agency ❤️

If you know him for his hot tub streams, no you don't 👀👙
Excited to announce that Skiddler has signed with Turopium!

"The greatest power is not money power, but the Dragon Warhammer's power." - Walter Annenberg (or something like that)    
Now welcoming KempQ to Turopium 🔥     

If signing the best OSRS creator was a crime, we (still!) haven't been Framed 🔥 
Now welcoming the one and only Bronze Man Boy to Turopium 🥉

We are thrilled to announce that Torvesta has signed with Turopium!  🔥
Don't worry - We'll keep him safe from bloodvelds ☠️

So just a few talent announcements then! Keep your eyes peeled, because this is just the start.

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