Nadia Harrison: A day in the life of a Lifestyle Talent Executive

by Nadia Harrison,

We've been making quite a lot of noise about our new lifestyle vertical here at Turopium. So, we thought it was time for you to get an insight into the day to day of Nadia Harrison, the one responsible for looking after our lifestyle talent.

What do people think you do as a Talent Manager?

The misconception that I face is that people think it’s rather glamorous. You get to go to events, talk to some really important and interesting clients, have the potential to fly around the world and keep a schedule for your talent, making sure they get A to B safe and sound (which is kinda is, but not entirely).

What do you actually do as a Talent Manager?

Cry. Smack my head on my desk. Ask myself “what did I do wrong?” All jokes aside, as much as it is stressful, it’s very rewarding. I check in with my talent pretty much every day, we talk about their content as well as their well-being and they come to me in their times of need and I’m a friend for them to chat to. I manage inbounds and help them with getting deals with clients - it’s really great when a brand that they love reaches out to them and wants to work with them, you can just feel their excitement.

Pre 9am

Wake up, feed the cat, feed myself, brush my teeth and see what I’ve written in my notepad the night before so I know what my schedule is for the day. 


Emails first! I like to start with emails because I hate having notifications in my inbox. Depending on my schedule, I’ll message my talent in the morning to remind them of upcoming posts, if anything interesting has come through for them, and to see how they’re getting on. I can usually have a meeting or two in the morning, so I’ll make sure I’m on the call a few minutes early as I don’t like to be late.


I usually have my 1-1 with my manager before lunch, we chat about our upcoming week and run any updates past each other. I also like to find creators on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram that I can reach out to in the hopes that they’re looking for a talent management company.


Whatever is in the fridge, or last nights dinner, or if I’m feeling extra lazy, I’ll take myself for a walk to the Co-op and get a meal deal. 


I’ll continue with finding creators and will reach out to them, making sure each email is tailored to the individual. I’ll have a chat with my team and speak to other members throughout Kairos too (there’s always something going on in Slack). I’ll also take time to finish/update any decks that we use for clients that showcase our creators - got to make sure all information provided is up to date and correct!


We usually have our quick-fire team meetings at 4pm, and there we will discuss what’s in the pipeline, what campaigns are happening at the moment and give a general update on creators or the company. Since it’s the last 2 hours of the day, I’ll make sure I write down in my notebook my to-do list ready for the next day and make a start on media pack updates for my creators.

Post 6pm

Move from my desk to my sofa and exclaim “it’s nice to sit down”.

Whats your favourite part of being a Talent Manager?

The connection I have with my creators and the trust that they share with me. I get such pleasure out of helping them and it’s so rewarding. And when they’re thankful for you being there for them too, it’s really, really touching and it makes the crying worth it.

What skills do you need to be a Talent Manager?

I would be looking for someone with patience, kindness and eagerness. With creators you just have to be patient, they will take time to reply to you and make their mind up on if they want to accept something or not. Kindness takes everyone far, but of course you don’t want to be walked over! For me, it’s important to be a friend to my creators and I would look for someone who shared the same values as me. And definitely someone who is raring to go and wants to learn, grow and expand their personal skills as well as helping the company grow too.

What makes a good content creator/influencer?

Having multiple platforms is super beneficial. If their main platform is TikTok, for example, then having channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter is just truly excellent - the more platforms the merrier. I look for someone who seems approachable and personable - even though I’m viewing them through a screen, I still have that connection with them, that way I know brands will also feel the same. Oh, and brand safe creators can equal deals. 

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