A talent managers guide to a successful influencer relationship: Part 1

by Anthony Savva, Talent Executive

As you can see above, I’m Anthony, Talent Executive at Turopium. I wanted to highlight this to give context and justification of my learning of building and sustaining relationships with influencers/content creators. Basically, I like to think I know what I’m talking about. 

I have had the pleasure of working for Turopium for about a year and have worked with some of the brightest staff members the industry can offer. But the biggest mistake I see within the industry is a breakdown of the relationship between a talent agency and their influencers and it's a real shame. It’s pretty simple, if you can’t provide the service to back up an influencer, don’t sign them. It’s not about bulking up your roster, it’s about putting the influencers happiness and trust in you as the top priority. This is exactly what we do here at Turopium.

Here’s a little insight into what we do and why the relationships we have with our creators are so strong. 

Aligning visions:

Understanding what the creators' visions and goals are can create milestones/goals for both agency and content creators. The most common one we set out is desired brands, we want to get you work with brands you actually want to work with. As the manager of the creator, I will introduce this within the first form of communication which tends to take place on a video call. This gives me a better understanding of where the creator sees themselves and which brands they feel fits their channel. 

Secondly, understanding where they are with their channel/branding. Are they willing to expand to merch? Have they got a business idea? Are they looking to expand onto a new platform? This will be outlined and makes you understand where the content creator wants to expand their brand, giving you the understanding of how we can apply our resources accordingly. 

Building Relationships/Communication:

Once you understand their vision you can start to build that relationship. I’m not going to lie, it does not come instantly and takes time to build over communication and listening. My advice would be to have that dedicated time in the calendar so both parties know that is their time to have the important conversations. 

As part of being the manager, I always make sure to have notes as to where you want the conversation to go. You’ve got to make the most of the face to face (or laptop to laptop) time. I always tend to start with open conversation. How their day is, how is their channel getting on and so on. Something as simple as this makes them feel like a person and not a commodity to your business. The personal relationships we have with our creators is exactly why they are so strong. It’s because we care. When it comes to face to face/video calls I always close the conservations by giving the creator time to fire questions at me. This gives me the opportunity to go away and work on any concerns they may have ready for the next time we chat.

One key advice that was told to me when I first started at Turopium and has stuck with me since. Always receipt. What do you mean I hear you ask? This is when you open conversation with a brand or complete any task relating to the specific creator, you then reach out to the creator via your chosen communication channel. By doing so, you allow that conversation between talent manager and content creator to grow. This can also make the content creator trust you with their channel as it shows you have their best interests at heart and are building towards their goals.

So to summarise part one, these are two of many factors that can influence the relationships talent managers have with the talent themselves. This is how I build relationships with my creators but every creator/manager is different and this is what makes the industry forever changing. 

Till next time!

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